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Mini Critic's Choice "Steam Heat"

I consider the Innovative Dance Studio to be a second home. It is full of caring and compassionate people who have nurtured my growth as a dancer and as a person. I grew up under the kind teachings of Molly Kaleikilo, and I couldn't be more grateful for her presence in my life. Molly Kaleikilo- and the other instructors- have provided me with valuable lessons and insights that have prepared me for dancing professionally in New York. Encouragement from the instructors, gave me confidence and a love of dancing. My experience with the Innovative Dance Studio has always been positive and fun. I am now a professional dancer; I have auditioned in New York City, booked jobs, and danced in professional production shows. I give thanks each and every day for the Innovative Dance Studio and it's teachings, because they have given me the tools to live out my dream.

Hearts and Hugs,
-Kaylee Olson

I started dancing at Innovative Dance when I was 7 years old, and I have loved every minute of it. Molly has helped me grow not only as a dancer but as a person. During my years in Performing Company she encouraged me to do a solo, in which she gave me the technique and confidence I needed to grow as a dancer. Molly is more than just a wonderful teacher; she is a role model and a friend. She shares her passion for dance with every one of her students, and now I share that same passion. With the training Molly has given me I have been able to continue my love for dance on the Oregon State Dance Team. One day I hope to encourage others in dance by becoming a dance teacher.


Innovative Dance has been a wonderful addition to our lives. Our girls have grown, changed and learned so much here. It has added balance and filled the girls with confidence, strength and many new friendships. It's definitely a healthy, safe place to be; a place we would recommend.


We have been a part of the Innovative Dance family since our girls were three and took their first creative movement class. Now they are 12 and 9 and a part of the Innovative Dance Performing Company. Innovative Dance offers a range of classes. The staff not only teaches dance, but the “art” of dance and many other life lessons. Our daughters have not only learned great dance techniques, and continue to do so, but also a commitment to the studio, their group and to themselves. Other aspects that are instilled in the dancers are: self-confidence, discipline, poise, self respect and the respect for others. Although our daughters do compete at competitions, their incentive is not to receive the highest award nor is it the focus at Innovative Dance. Those awards happen as a consequence of the unique ideology that Molly has, and impresses upon the staff. These are qualities that many of us want and strive for in our children, and are reinforced by the staff at Innovative Dance.

Molly offers a program that any family can be proud to be a part of whether your child is a recreational dancer or a competitive dancer. The staff cares about each and every one of their students. They make sure that the music and costumes are always age appropriate, and most importantly, that it is a fun environment to learn in.

For all of the elements above, we send out an overwhelming thank-you to Molly, her staff and all of the involved parents at the studio. We look forward to many more years at Innovative Dance.

-Mike and Staci Caulk.