Vanessa Duff Innovative Dance instructorVanessa’s love of dance began in the 2nd grade when she took her first Jazz. She can still picture the bright yellow overalls and high pigtails. After that first year she expanded her knowledge of the styles of dance by being asked to join the performing company at the studio she attended. The styles included Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop.

In middle school Vanessa moved to Wilsonville and began attending Innovative Dance where she joined the performing company and also began learning the art of lyrical dance. The studio gave her a place to hone her performing skills by not only competing in group routines, but solos and duos as well. Later in 2005 Vanessa gained the true honor of Dancer of the Year.

During High School she joined the Pride Dance Team at Wilsonville High School for her Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and the end of her Senior year, where during her Junior year she was a captain. In later years, she danced professionally on Pure Dance Company and gained knowledge of contemporary dance.

Vanessa continues her knowledge of dance by attending conventions and taking the Tap Teacher Training Intensive led by the incredibly talented Karida Griffith Walker.

Over the years there have been incredible instructors who have influenced Vanessa and nurtured her passion for dance. Dance gave her the ability to make friends, feel confident, learn discipline, create healthy habits, express herself and learn what it means to be passionate while graceful. Her hope is to help others learn technique while being able to express themselves through motion and performance.